Sunday, 6 May 2012

Oh Dear

Oh Dear... Good morning everyone

Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend in the UK, I know I am with plenty stitching time ahead, Just sitting down to watch MotoGP with my stitching in front of me... Why you say did I say Oh dear at the beginning... Well Thursday night Shaun handed me this.....

Oh dear INDEED! Hehe :) White Lightening by Dimensions Gold Collection,It was one of his bargains on E bay and only paid £15.00 delivered for it, How great is he, looking at cross stitching on E bay without me knowing :)

Well Thursday and Friday night I just sorted all the threads out in my floss away bags and photocopied the chart (I like to keep one unused in case I would like to stitch again at a later date) and thought that would be it.....

Oppss! I started it, I just couldn't resist 

The last picture was the last one I took last night before I called it a night, so there is where I start today. I didn't stitch all last week, mum and dad were away for the week in Tenby, so didn't really get any stitching time done there, and I had overtime in work... So Bank holiday stitching time here I come!

Hope you are all well, 

Gems x


  1. Great choice Gemma. I love seeing White Lightning being stitched. I have stitched it myself for our younger son as a graduation present. I also had a bargain, £17 from an Ebayer in the USA back in 2008. I nearly fainted when I saw how much Hobby Craft were selling it for!!!You are making good progress,the colours are lovely aren't they?

  2. Wow, what a beautiful sttich. How lucky that your DH looked for you and found such a bargain. I can't imagine my DH even looking. He just doesn't get my stitching passion.
    Lovely start.

  3. Ooh... this is a stunning design. How nice of Shaun to buy it for you. And you've made good progress on it too! Can't wait to see more.