Thursday, 19 April 2012

All Cross Stitch Finished on Geisha

Hello everyone

I had a fantastic stitching day Monday and actually finished all the cross stitching on my geisha - yay! I felt such joy when I finished it,although quite sad that I have finished with all the lovely colours, here is some photos towards the end of the last stitching day 

Missy was keeping me well in company in the night 

Here she is - pre back stitched, washed and Ironed 

Here She is after being washed and Ironed, Looking lovely and clean :)

Since I began cross stitching between finishing all the stitches of my project I always take a week off the design before I back stitch everything, So that is what I am doing right now and taking some time away from Geisha. 

With thoughts of no cross stitching all week, I spoilt myself and started
"Live Life, Love Tea" design from Cross stitcher (252) 
As soon as I saw the preview in (251  C/S) I knew that I just had to stitch it, Its Just me all over as I am a self confessed tea pot. Here is the deign from the magazine and the stitching I have done

I Simply cannot wait until me and Shaun find our perfect home to buy so that I can display this proudly in the kitchen!

There is three different designs of white bunting behind the words Live, they are hard to see as the fabric is a pale baby blue, but as soon as I back stitch them all together once finished they hopefully they will stand out much much more...

The blue is the start if the pretty tea pot :)

 In the same magazine, I head over heels fell in love with another design called "Make do & Mend" and will be stitching this deign this year, along with the other little projects such as the "you're sew lovely" box lid and the lovely pin cushion.... 

This is the design that I absolutely LOVE! It is a terrible photo and you cannot see the "and" at all - silly camera phone! 

Hope you all love the geisha stitched up as much as I do <3

Gems xx


  1. Beautiful work. Well done. Geisha looks amazing I can't wait to see the back stitching.

  2. Congratulations on such a beautiful job. Geisha is gorgeous!

  3. 3 Cheers for finishing the main stitching Gemma. I love your tea project. I, too, am a tea addict along with younger son. If we're together the kettle never goes cold!!

  4. Yays! You finished all the cross stitches. She's so beautiful. Pretty new projects.