Monday, 16 April 2012

Lots and Lots of Geisha Piccies :D

Good Morning everyone, Just a quick post today (have a day off and promised myself a stitching day) 
I have been extra good at stitching for the past week - and lots on the weekend and have completed so so much, which I'm delighted at obviously! :)

Well after this picture taken, I ended up completing the top of the surrounds and the left side rose, and then finished up the right hand side of the sky, so the whole of the top half of the geisha is completed - yay!! 

Well... must get to it, Will swing by your blogs later on tonight.. for now I Stitch :) 

Have a good day everyone, 

Gems xx


  1. Wow looks amazing, well done on all your progress.

  2. Yay. You are doing so well with this beautiful design. Happy stitching.