Monday, 9 April 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone, hope you all had a peaceful Easter, We had a busy Saturday driving to Swansea and buying lots for birthday presents (three family members in April) and some home items, we needed a new duvet and had a bargain at £11 reduced from £50 in Tesco (silent night thermal heat) which was fantastic, and a new duvet cover to match, same sort of reduction in price as the duvet as its so many cotton count hotel collection one, so we bought new pillows aswell, so we are fully kitted out in new bed-ware, and it didn't cost us anything as we used our vouchers - Love a bargain, especially when its heavily reduced! 

We had a pleasant Easter, thoughts turned to family members that are not longer with us, so I was more in reflective mood yesterday. We had a dinner with my parents and it was just lovely. Me and Shaun are big fans of the MotoGP (come on Silverstone hurry up!) so it was all excitement last night as the 2012 season started, so we watched that in the night, so although we didn't do much, we had a good day and it was all about spending time together which is the main thing. 

Cross Stitch Crazy landed on my door mat Saturday and mum had a look before me, and she said how sweet the little design that came with the magazine was - its her birthday next week so I have stitched it up for her, so although I haven't done much stitching this weekend, I have completed this small little one, I changed it a little because I didn't like the roses that came with the design, so here is a little photo

As you can see I have a lovely new owl pillow that Shaun bought for me for Easter (we don't do chocolate eggs) We had it in Swansea BHS and they had a 20% off home-ware day so it was rude not to! Here is a close up  

Today is a stitching day (although I haven't started yet - must start!) back to work tomorrow, although as Shaun worked Good Friday he is having tomorrow off instead (he will have quite when im in work hehe!) so I hope everyone is having a good bank holiday Monday if you are in the UK and not working ofcourse! 

Love Gems x


  1. That is a lovely card for your Mum and I like the changes you have mad. I love your owl cushion, I love Owls and have a collection of owl ornaments :)
    We've had a quiet but pleasant Easter. My husband was at work yesterday:(but it's his day off today:)

  2. Hi

    Just found your blog. You have some lovely stitching.

    I love the card you stitched for your Mum.