Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Quick Secret Stitch

A Quick hello everyone, I had to keep this blog quite quiet for sometime as I stitched and made up this....

As many of you are aware my wonderful fiancĂ© Shaun is an avid photographer in his spare time, using the Nikon that I bought for him for his 30th.

It was our 9 year anniversary on the 4th of July, and I just had to stitch him a little something - I took the chart from the recent uk cross stitcher and adapted it to make it more personal. It took around 20 hours to complete (In total secret - Shaun knew nothing) to say he was thrilled was an understatement. 

Hope you are all well, Blogging will now resume! :)

Gems x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Oh baby a Busy Weekend!

Hello everyone 

So Sorry the Blog has been so neglected for the past 10 days, Shaun's father has been in for a hip replacement - and is now on the mend and fingers crossed all is well will be home on Monday. Through the week we had our staircase replaced, so that was an upheaval. 


Myself and Shaun were both promoted on the same day. 

I have been stitching though! I stitched this up for dad for fathers day tomorrow, the Fizzy Moon kit came with last months cross stitch crazy, and took me a few hours to do, but only managed around 30min to an hour a day because dad was home from work and I didn't want to spoil the surprise! 

Later on tonight I will stick it to some card and then pop it into the card that came with the kit 

I have also been stitching this week, my Live Life, Love Tea, which I am LOVING! 
At the moment I have run out of the gold/yellow that completes the border, so will be putting an order in with sew and so. 

Tomorrow, Myself, Shaun and my Dad will be going up to Silverstone to watch the 6th round of MotoGP, so so so excited, we are huge motoGP fans

I will be supporting Valentino Rossi (46)
Shaun will be supporting Nicky Haydn (69)
Dad will be supporting Cal Crutchlow (35)

Bye Bye Baby 

Have yourselves a very good weekend all, I know I will be

Gems xx

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Days

Hope everyone is enjoying the Jubilee festivities! I only had Sunday and today off work, although lucky Shaun has had four days in total off work - but I guess it is my own fault for working in retail! 

I know I have been quiet for a while, but "real" world caught up with me, It was lovely weather for so long that I did not want to miss the opportunity of some sunshine - It always makes you feel better when there's sun about. I spent alot of time with the family, which included a bit of gardening her and there, having my haircut with mum and cinema nights with Shaun. 

I haven't done alot of stitching to say the least, the next pictures are where I am with White Lightening at the moment, and then I packed him away for rotation for a while...

My rotational pile had my 'Live Life, Love tea', right at the top, so I started with a little back stitching at the start and then progressing in bits that I had to re-order threads for as I had used most of them up - whoops!

Missy was certainly not impressed with my stitching afternoon at all! 

Gems x