Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Quick Secret Stitch

A Quick hello everyone, I had to keep this blog quite quiet for sometime as I stitched and made up this....

As many of you are aware my wonderful fiancĂ© Shaun is an avid photographer in his spare time, using the Nikon that I bought for him for his 30th.

It was our 9 year anniversary on the 4th of July, and I just had to stitch him a little something - I took the chart from the recent uk cross stitcher and adapted it to make it more personal. It took around 20 hours to complete (In total secret - Shaun knew nothing) to say he was thrilled was an understatement. 

Hope you are all well, Blogging will now resume! :)

Gems x


  1. FANTASTIC idea! He will love this!

  2. Love it! Such a cool design. I bet Shaun is thrilled.


  3. Great design and lovely stitching :)