Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bank holiday stitching weekend

Hello everyone - Hope you are all well,

I had a lovely stitching weekend and completed so much of my lovely tiger, I am very pleased with the progress. I love the colours, although there are many colour changes, even slight colour differences they have all come together beautifully, 

Here are the photos of three days stitching off and on, it was when I stitched up his eyes and nose did he really come to life

A special mention to Lesley who visits my blog regularly, and only now I have noticed that it was Lesleys stitching and updating of White Lightening on the Cross stitching forum quite so time ago that made me fall in Love with this design, and I had without knowing, showed Shaun he updates on a regular basis, and that's how he knew I had loved it so much. So without knowing Lesley - you stitched him up beautifully. 

Love Gems x


  1. Wonderful progress. He's taking shape real nicely :)


  2. Hi

    Great progress, he's looking great!