Monday, 19 March 2012

A well over-due post

Well a big hello indeed, I have been terrible and have abandoned blog land for a holiday in Devon with Shaun (Sorry but hope you all understand!) but I am now back and have stitched my little needle and thread away since I posted last don't you worry.

I still have not finalised the finishing on the owls, but I know that I am either going to back it onto a canvas or make it into a wall hanging piece - Unfortunately my sewing skills to make a lovely pillow fall short but I will get there one day - I'm determined! 

I've been stitching both Enchanting Geisha and the mother wolf and cub, so have a few pictures as an update 

Enchanting Geisha 

I was a little annoyed knowing how much black I have left to stitch, I ran out of thread! I am so frugal with my threads aswell, as it was only black I thought I may aswell get two DMC threads worth as I needed alot of different colours grey that I didn't have in my stash for mum and cub, so I didn't mind then having to order. I always order for sew and so, but their price for threads are a little eye watering but when needs must I will pay, until I saw in a magazine that across town stitching done 50 threads for £16 - Great! I done my order and patiently waited..... and waited, a week had past and nothing, I emailed and nothing and then 11 days later they arrived! Hooray! I was annoyed as I had placed an order a week before I had gone on holidays and really wanted to crack on with the kimono but I was stuck with frustrating confetti instead, so progress on her had been quite slow unfortunately.

Wolf mother and little cub

These are the updated pics for Saturday and Sundays stitching, as I stitched geisha the week before I thought only fair that I spent a weekend on my little cub. There is so much confetti with different colour greys on the little cub it is painfully slow and confusing at times to say the least!

Well stitching will come to a halt this week, Shaun has a terrible cold and I feel  little queasy myself tonight, and I am back into work tomorrow after 11 days off - Oh the pain! 

Hope you are all well 

Gems x 


  1. Beautiful progress on both. Hope you had a great holiday.

  2. I did, thank you very much, just hate coming back to the "normal" life lol, Thank you for your comment :) xx

  3. Just to let you know I awarded you a Liebster award. If you don't know what it is, there is an explanation on my blog:

  4. Lovely stitching. You've made wonderful progress on your WiPs.


  5. Your Geisha looks so lovely, and you are making good progress on your wolf mother and cub. I hope you are not going down with a cold too. Hope you enjoyed Devon. I used to live in Exmouth in East Devon, my Dad still lives there and my grandparents retired to Dartmouth in 1963,it is my very favourite place in Devon :)

    1. Thank you Lesley, I did come down with a terrible cold, and Shaun did too but luckily now it has gone (think the sunshine dried it all up hehe)

      We love Devon each time we visit, and we went to Exmouth on the Thursday, its a lovely town and enjoyed my chips by the estuary - I dont know if you wanted to take a look but my partner Shaun has a photography blog ( and he has put up the photos of the holiday and Exmouth is there too :)

      Gems xx

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you :D I agree Cant wait to finish her mind

      Gems x