Sunday, 27 May 2012

Let The Sun Shine...

Hello everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather as much as I am

I didn't see much of it in the week apart from after work finished and could sit out on the patio, but its not the same at 7.30pm as it would be mid morning/afternoon.... But I have off work Friday-Monday off this week and I am loving it, Friday I spent the day with mum sunbathing and no stitching done what so ever in the day, but I spent the whole night stitching and watching home decorating programmes as Shaun spent the evening with his two brothers watching the whole star wars films for world Geek day.

Saturday we had an amazing BBQ in the afternoon with my parents, and had a great evening with good food and copious amounts of drink - nether-less to say no stitching was done at all :)

So today, Sunday, I did spend the afternoon stitching whilst Shaun nursed his hangover! We took Missy and Dylan for a walk when the heat settled down here, and we both enjoyed the walk ourselves too. Tomorrow I will have some time to stitch as I am with my parents and they are having some woodwork renovation done to the staircase, so can catch up on a few things....

A Few progress pics on White Lightening

Missy after her walkies 

Gems x


  1. White Lightening looks great. Well done. Missy looks wonderful too :)

  2. It's very beautiful! Your sitching looks impeccable

  3. White lightning looks great, I love all the shading in his fur.

  4. Great Picture of Missy:)and White Lightning is looking Gooooooooood!!
    Sounds like you had a really lovely few days:)